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Knowledge-Intensive Artificial Intelligence (KIAI) discusses the research progress of our team. Currently, the meeting is intended to deeply discuss the current progress of each member rather than to study relevant previous work (still, observers are welcome!). In every meeting, all the members will talk about their research progress in 5 minutes. It is recommended that all the members bring a short note or slides to describe their progress for an active discussion.  The schedule is listed below.

:Date|1st Semester: Wed 16:20-17:50; 2nd Semester: Wed 16:20-17:50
:Members|乾, 井之上, 代勤, Paul, 稲田, 小林 (遠隔), 横井, 高橋, 佐藤, 清野, 赤間, 吉成
:Related Keywords| 人工知能/Artificial Intelligence, 物語理解/Story Understanding, プラン/Plan, 修辞構造/Rhetorical Structure, 照応/Anaphora, 省略/Ellipsis, ゼロ照応/Zero Anaphora

- [[Commonsense Reasoning 読み会>]]

* Schedule [#hcb45e37]

** Future [#kbd2ade0]

** Upcoming [#l1e285f6]
- 以後 [[esa>]] に移行

** Done [#s5b78601]
- Mon 4/10, 17:30-
-- 短いチーム (最大10分で交代)
--- [[esa>]]
-- 長いチーム (最大20分で交代)
--- Daiqin:&handref(2016/disco/disco-20170331-Daiqin.pdf,内部資料); 
--- Daiqin: Survey on BMP &handref(2017/disco/disco-20170410-Daiqin.pdf,内部資料); 
--- Daiqin: latest &handref(2017/disco/disco-20170414-Daiqin.pdf,内部資料); 
* Past [#w214e152]
- [[Spring 2016-Winter 2017>./2016]]
- [[Spring 2015-Winter 2016>./2015]]

* Links [#h81047e4]
** Artificial Intelligence [#j3112699]
- Levesque, Hector J. "On our best behaviour." The 23rd International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI). August. 2013. [[pdf>]]
- Rahman, Altaf, and Vincent Ng. "Resolving complex cases of definite pronouns: the winograd schema challenge." Proceedings of the 2012 Joint Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing and Computational Natural Language Learning. Association for Computational Linguistics, 2012. [[pdf>]] [[dataset>]]  [[dataset 2>]]
- Roemmele, Melissa, Cosmin Adrian Bejan, and Andrew S. Gordon. "Choice of Plausible Alternatives: An Evaluation of Commonsense Causal Reasoning." AAAI Spring Symposium: Logical Formalizations of Commonsense Reasoning. 2011. [[pdf>]] [[dataset>]]
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** Logical Inference [#o1fee4ac]
- Mohammad Shahed Sorower, Thomas G. Dietterich, Janardhan Rao Doppa Walker Orr, Prasad Tadepalli, and Xiaoli Fern. Inverting Grice’s Maxims to Learn Rules from Natural Language Extractions. NIPS 2011. [[pdf>]]
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- [[A Unified Approach to Abductive Inference (ARO 2008 MURI Project@University of Washington)>]]

** Discourse Theory [#sdbb4f0e]
- [[Rhetorical Structure Theory>]]
- [[Discourse Representation Theory>]]
- J. Bos, M. Nissim (2008): Combining Discourse Representation Theory with FrameNet. In: R. Rossini Favretti (ed): Frames, Corpora, and Knowledge Representation, pp 169–183, Bononia University Press. [[pdf>]]
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** Discourse Parsing [#ca9034a9]
- Alexis Palmer, Afra Alishahi and Caroline Sporleder. Robust Semantic Analysis for Unseen Data in FrameNet. RANLP2011. [[pdf>]]
- Michaela Regneri, Alexander Koller, Josef Ruppenhofer and Manfred Pinkal. Learning Script Participants from Unlabeled Data. RANLP2011. [[pdf>]]
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** Plan Recognition [#f3cba23f]
- Parag Singla and Raymond J. Mooney. Abductive Markov Logic for Plan Recognition. AAAI2011. pp 1069-1075. [[pdf>]] 
- Nate Blaylock and James Allen. Hierarchical Instantiated Goal Recognition. MOO2006. [[pdf>]]
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** Corpus [#p461d61f]
- [[Penn Discourse Treebank>]]
- [[RST Discourse Treebank>]]
- Discourse Graphbank: [[paper>]] [[LDC>]]
- SDRT annotations of dialogues: [[DISCOR project>]]
- [[名詞間関係コーパス>]]

** Knowledge Acquisition [#yf179755]
- Doo Soon Kim and Bruce Poter. Integrating declarative knowledge : Issues, Algorithms and Future Work. AAAI2008. [[pdf>]]
- Jonathan Berant, Tel Aviv and Jacob Goldberger. Global Learning of Typed Entailment Rules. ACL2011. (to appear) [[pdf>]]
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- Nathanael Chambers and Dan Jurafsky. Unsupervised Learning of Narrative Schemas and their Participants. ACL2010. [[pdf>]]

** Lectures [#va77be59]
- University of Southern California: [[Introduction to NLP>]], [[Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing>]]
- MIT: [[Computational Models of Discourse>]]
- Tohoku University:
- [[Story Understanding Resources>]]
- David Poole and Alan Mackworth. [[Artificial Intelligence: Foundations of Computational Agents>]]

** Tools [#u614bbc7]
- [[WOFMC>]]
- [[Stanford CoreNLP>]]
- [[Mini-TACITUS>]]
- [[PRISM>]]
- [[enju>]]
//-- Yusuke Miyao, Alastair Butler, Kei Yoshimoto and Jun'ichi Tsujii. A Modular Architecture for the Wide-Coverage Translation of Natural Language Texts into Predicate Logic Formulas. PACLIC 24, 2010.
- [[C&C tools>]]

** Misc. [#v1187202]
- [[University of Texas at Austin Machine Learning Group: Publications>]]
- [[Linguistic Problems and Complexities>]]

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