Special Interest Group on Discourse (SIG Discourse) discusses interesting findings of past/state-of-the-art researches. We also report and discuss research progress of our member. Typically, we read one paper (30 minutes) and discuss research progress of one person (40 minutes) at a time. The schedule is listed below.

Wednesday 4:30-6:00pm
Related Keywords
人工知能/Artificial Intelligence,物語理解/Story Understanding,プラン/Plan,修辞構造/Rhetorical Structure,照応/Anaphora,省略/Ellipsis,ゼロ照応/Zero Anaphora


  • 4/8 (Wed)
    • Kick-off Meeting (杉浦)
    • タスク紹介 (杉浦,山本,周,Paul,稲田,大野,小林)
  • 3/4 (Wed)
    • Paper reading (井之上)
      • Ashutosh Modi and Ivan Titov. Inducing Neural Models of Script Knowledge. Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning (CoNLL), 2014. 🔒内部資料
    • Paper reading (大野)
      • Inducing Neural Models of Script Knowledge. Ashutosh Modi and Ivan Titov. 🔒paper, 🔒slide
  • 2/25 (Wed)
    • Paper reading (稲田)
      • Chikara Hashimoto; Kentaro Torisawa; Julien Kloetzer; Motoki Sano; István Varga; Jong-Hoon Oh; Yutaka Kidawara, "Toward Future Scenario Generation: Extracting Event Causality Exploiting Semantic Relation, Context, and Association Features", ACL 2014, paper, note, errata, 🔒内部資料
    • Progress report (杉浦)
  • 2/18 (Wed)
    • Paper reading (周)
      • Dojchinovski, Milan, and Tomáš Kliegr. "Entityclassifier. eu: real-time classification of entities in text with Wikipedia." Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery in Databases. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2013. 654-658.
      • paper1,paper2,🔒slides
    • Progress report (山本): 仮説推論の高速化とWSCへの適用 (🔒内部資料)
  • 2/4 (Wed)
    • Progress report (大野): 🔒内部資料
    • Paper reading (Paul) Joonsuk Park and Claire Cardie. 2014. Identifying Appropriate Support for Propositions in Online User Comments 🔒Paper 🔒Slides
  • 1/28 (Wed)
    • Progress report (Canasai): 🔒slides
    • Paper reading(山本)
      • Marek Rei and Ted Briscoe, 2014, Looking for Hyponyms in Vector Space, Proceedings of the Eighteenth Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning, pp.68-77
      • 🔒slide, paper
  • 1/14 (Wed)
    • Paper reading(杉浦)
      • +/-EffectWordNet: Sense-level Lexicon Acquisition for Opinion Inference, Yoonjung Choi and Janyce Wiebe, EMNLP2014
      • paper, poster
  • 1/7 (Wed)
    • Progress report(Paul) 🔒内部資料
    • Paper reading(井之上)
      • Wang et al. 2012. Exact Soft Confidence-Weighted Learning. ICML2012.
      • 🔒内部資料
  • 12/17 (Wed)
    • Progress report(小林): 🔒内部資料
    • Paper reading(大野)
      • Reasoning With Neural Tensor Networks for Knowledge Base Completion, Richard Socher+, NIPS2013 paper, 🔒内部資料
  • 12/3 (Wed)
    • Progress report(稲田)
      • 時間関係の付与対象同定へ向けた event & state アノテーション 🔒内部資料
    • Paper reading(佐藤雅)
      • Transition-based Semantic Role LabelingUsing Predicate Argument Clustering, Jinho D. Choi and Martha Palmer, ACL 2011 🔒 slides, paper
  • Paper reading(Canasai)
    • Tackling Winograd Schemas by Formalizing Relevance Theory in Knowledge Graphs, Peter Schüller, KR2014
    • paper 🔒slides
  • 11/12 (Wed)
    • Progress report(井之上)
    • Paper reading(周)
      • A Rule-Based System for Unrestricted Bridging Resolution:Recognizing Bridging Anaphora and Finding Links to Antecedents paper
      • 🔒marked paper 🔒slides
  • 11/5 (Wed)
    • Paper reading(山本)
      • Extracting Lexically Divergent Paraphrases from Twitter paper
      • 🔒slide
  • 10/29 (Wed)
    • Progress report(大野)
    • Paper reading(杉浦)
      • Luciano Del Corro, Rainer Gemulla and Gerhard Weikum. Werdy: Recognition and Disambiguation of Verbs and Verb Phrases with Syntactic and Semantic Pruning, EMNLP2014. pdf
      • 🔒内部資料
  • 10/22 (Wed)
    • Progress report(Canasai)
      • An Example-Based Approach to Difficult Pronoun Resolution. 🔒note
    • Paper reading(井之上)
      • William Yang Wang, Kathryn Mazaitis and William W. Cohen. Programming with Personalized PageRank: A Locally Groundable First-Order Probabilistic Logic. CIKM2013. pdf,
      • Matt Gardner, Partha Talukdar, Jayant Krishnamurthy and Tom Mitchell. Incorporating Vector Space Similarity in Random Walk Inference over Knowledge Bases. EMNLP2014. pdf, or
      • Gabor Angeli and Christopher D. Manning. NaturalLI: Natural Logic Inference for Common Sense Reasoning. EMNLP2014. pdf
  • 10/15 (Wed)
    • Paper reading(周)
      • Charton, Eric, et al. "Improving Entity Linking using Surface Form Refinement." LREC 2014.
      • paper 🔒slide
  • 10/8 (Wed)
    • Progress report(小林)
  • 9/24 (Wed) 16:30- G10
    • Progress report (井之上)
    • Paper reading (佐藤)
      • Predicate argument structure analysis using partially annotated corpora (Yoshino+, IJCNLP, 2013)
      • 🔒slide paper
  • 9/17 (Wed) 16:30- G10
  • 9/3 (Wed) 16:30- G9
    • Progress report (大野)
    • Paper reading (山本) : Is This a Paraphrase? What Kind? Paraphrase Boundaries and Typology, Marta Vila, M. Antònia Martí, Horacio Rodríguez (🔒slide, paper)
  • 7/23 (Wed) 16:30- G8
    • Progress report (佐藤)
    • Paper reading (杉浦)
      • Qi Zhang, Jin Qian, Huan Chen, Jihua Kang, Xuanjing Huang. Discourse Level Explanatory Relation Extraction from Product Reviews Using First-order Logic. ACL2013.
      • paper 🔒slides 🔒paper(マーク付き)
  • 7/16 (Wed) 16:30- G7
    • Progress report (稲田)
    • Paper reading (井之上)
      • Carlos R.C. Souza and Paulo E. Santos. Probabilistic Logic Reasoning about Traffic Scenes. TAROS 2011.
      • paper 🔒slides
  • 7/9 (Wed) 16:30- G6
    • Progress report (周)
    • Paper reading (Canasai)
      • Learning-based Multi-Sieve Co-reference Resolution with Knowledge (Lev Ratinov and Dan Roth, EMNLP-2012)
      • paper 🔒slides
  • 7/2 (Wed) 16:30- G5
    • Practice talk for pre-master's thesis presentation (Paul)
    • Paper reading (小林)
      • A Generative Model for User Simulation in a Spatial Navigation Domain (Eshky et al., EACL, 2014)
      • paper
      • 🔒slide
  • 6/25 (Wed) 16:30- G4
    • Practice talk for SIGNL-217 (山本) : ( 🔒内部資料)
    • Paper reading (大野)
      • A Latent Dirichlet Allocation method for Selectional Preference (Alan et al., ACL, 2010)
      • 🔒paper
      • 🔒slide
  • 6/18 (Wed) 16:30- G3
    • Progress report (杉浦・井之上) (🔒内部資料)
    • Paper reading (佐藤)
      • Recurrent Convolutional Neural Networks for Discourse Compositionality (Kalchbrenner et al., CVSC, 2013)
      • 🔒Slides
      • 🔒Paper
  • 6/11 (Wed) 16:30- G2
    • Progress report (Canasai) 🔒slides
    • Paper reading (稲田)
  • 6/4 (Wed) 16:30- G1
    • Paper reading (Paul)
      • Identifying Controversial Issues and their Sub-topics in News Articles (Yoonjung Choi, Yuchul Jung, Sung-Hyon Myaeng - 2010)
      • 🔒Slides
      • 🔒Paper
  • 5/28 (Wed) 16:30- G10
    • Progress report (大野)
    • Paper reading (周)
      • Jesse Dunietz and Dan Gillick. A New Entity Salience Task with Millions of Training Examples. EACL 2014
      • 🔒Paper
      • 🔒Slide
  • 5/21 (Wed) 16:30- G9
    • Paper reading (山本): Scaling Inference for Markov Logic via Dual Decomposition (論文, 🔒内部資料)
  • 5/14 (Wed) 16:30- G8
    • Progress report (稲田)
    • Paper reading (杉浦)
      • Attapol Rutherford and Nianwen Xue. Discovering Implicit Discourse Relations Through Brown Cluster Pair Representation and Coreference Patterns. EACL2014
      • 🔒内部資料
      • 論文
  • 5/7 (Wed) 16:30- G7
    • Progress report (佐藤)
    • Paper reading (Canasai)
      • Sarcasm as Contrast between a Positive Sentiment and Negative Situation, Ellen Riloff, Ashequl Qadir, Prafulla Surve, Lalindra De Silva, Nathan Gilbert, Ruihong Huang, EMNLP-2013
      • paper 🔒slides
  • 4/30 (Wed) 16:30- G6
  • 4/23 (Wed) 16:30- G5
    • Progress report (周) 🔒内部資料
    • Paper reading (小林)
      • Generating Natural-Language Video Descriptions Using Text-Mined Knowledge, Niveda Krishnamoorthy & Girish Malkarnenkar & Raymond J. Mooney & Kate Saenko & Sergio Guadarrama, AAAI, 2013
      • 論文, 🔒内部資料
  • 4/16 (Wed) 16:30-
    • Paper reading (山本)
      • Online Inference-Rule Learning from Natural-Language Extractions, S. Raghavan & R. J. Mooney, AAAI, 2013.
      • 論文, 🔒内部資料
  • 4/10 (Thu) 15:00-
    • Kick-off Meeting (井之上、杉浦、山本、周)
      • 井之上: Study of Discourse is Fun (🔒内部資料)
      • 杉浦: タスク紹介 ー共参照解析と談話関係認識ー (🔒内部資料)
      • 山本: タスク紹介 ー 談話解析のための論理推論機構の構築 (🔒内部資料)
      • 周: タスク紹介 ー Entity Linking for Knowledge Base Population (🔒内部資料)
  • 4/3 (Thu)
    • Progress report (Canasai)
    • Progress report (井之上)
    • Progress report (杉浦)


Progress reportCanasai井之上杉浦山本Paul稲田佐藤(雅)大野小林
Paper readingPaul稲田佐藤(雅)大野小林Canasai井之上杉浦山本


Artificial Intelligence

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Logical Inference

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Discourse Theory

  • Rhetorical Structure Theory
  • Discourse Representation Theory
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Discourse Parsing

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Plan Recognition

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Knowledge Acquisition

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