Special Interest Group on Discourse (SIG Discourse) discusses interesting findings of past/state-of-the-art researches. We also report and discuss research progress of our member. Typically, we read one paper (30 minutes) and discuss research progress of one person (40 minutes) at a time. The schedule is listed below.

前期: Wednesday 16:20-17:50 後期: Wednesday 13:00-14:40
乾, 岡﨑, 井之上, 磯部, Paul, 稲田, 小林, 横井, 高橋, 佐藤, 清野, 赤間
Related Keywords
人工知能/Artificial Intelligence,物語理解/Story Understanding,プラン/Plan,修辞構造/Rhetorical Structure,照応/Anaphora,省略/Ellipsis,ゼロ照応/Zero Anaphora


  • 方針
    • paper reading only
    • (進捗報告は KIAI で)
  • 読む人
    • 各回2名が発表
    • だいたい1ヶ月に1度当番が回ってくる
    • 忙しければ自由に延期
    • 発表前に読む論文を #random で紹介
  • 聞く人
    • 各回1度は質問・コメントをする






  • 2/24 (Fri) 10:30
    • 参加者: 乾 (Skype), 磯部, Paul, 横井, 高橋, 赤間
    • 横井
    • 高橋
      • Kolesnyk, Vladyslav, Tim Rocktäschel, and Sebastian Riedel. "Generating Natural Language Inference Chains." arXiv preprint arXiv:1606.01404 (2016).
      • paper, 🔒memo
  • 2/15 (Wed) 13:30
    • 参加者: 磯部, Paul, 稲田, 横井, 清野, 赤間, 鈴木
    • Paul
      • Computational Argumentation Quality Assessment in Natural Language; Wachsmuth et al., EACL 2017 (to appear)
      • paper 🔒Annotated Paper
    • 赤間
      • A Neural Network Approach for Knowledge-Driven Response Generation;Pavlos Vougiouklis, Jonathon Hare, Elena Simperl, COLING 2016
      • paper slide
  • 2/8 (Wed) 13:00
    • 清野
      • 文対モデリングの話 🔒内部資料
      • An Empirical Evaluation of various Deep Learning Architectures for Bi-Sequence Classification Tasks (COLING 2016) Paper
      • Modelling Interaction of Sentence Pair with Coupled-LSTMs (EMNLP 2016) Paper
      • A Decomposable Attention Model for Natural Language Inference (EMNLP 2016) Paper
  • 2/1 (Wed) 13:00 中止
  • 1/11 (Wed) 13:00
    • Paul
      • What’s in an Explanation? Characterizing Knowledge and Inference Requirements for Elementary Science Exams, COLING2016
      • Paper
      • 🔒Annotated Paper
    • 赤間
  • (12/14 COLING のためおやすみ)
  • 11/30 (Wed) 13:00
    • 稲田
      • Improving Hypernymy Detection with an Integrated Path-based and Distributional Method, ACL2016
      • paper, 🔒内部資料
  • 11/22 (Tue) 11:00
    • 参加者: 乾, 岡﨑, 磯部, Paul, 横井, 高橋, 佐藤, 清野, 赤間, 佐々翔, 塙
    • 清野
    • 赤間
      • A Diversity-Promoting Objective Function for Neural Conversation Models; Jiwei Li+, NAACL 2016
      • paper 🔒slide
  • 11/2 (Wed) 13:00
    • 参加者: 磯部, Paul, 稲田, 横井, 高橋, 清野, 赤間, 塙
    • Paul
      • Reed et al. "NLP Approaches to Computational Argumentation" ACL 2016 Tutorial(ACL): 🔒Slides
    • 高橋
      • Chen, Jifan, et al. "Implicit discourse relation detection via a deep architecture with gated relevance network." Proceedings of the 54th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL). 2016.
      • paper 🔒paper(annotated)
  • 10/26 (Wed) 13:00
    • 参加者: 乾, 磯部, 稲田, 横井, 高橋, 佐藤, 清野, 赤間, 佐々翔, 塙
    • 稲田
      • A Persona-Based Neural Conversation Model; Jiwei Li, Michel Galley, Chris Brockett, Georgios P. Spithourakis, Jianfeng Gao, Bill Dolan; ACL 2016
      • paper 🔒内部資料
  • 10/18 (Tue) 14:40
    • 参加者: 岡﨑, Paul, 高瀬, 横井, 高橋, 佐藤, 清野, 赤間, 佐々翔
    • Paper Reading (清野)
  • 10/12 (Wed) 13:00
    • 参加者: Paul, 稲田, 横井, 高橋, 佐藤, 鶴田, 清野, 赤間, 佐々翔, 塙
    • 横井
      • Tatsunori Hashimoto, David Alvarez-Melis, and Tommi Jaakkola. “Word Embeddings as Metric Recovery in Semantic Spaces,” Transactions of the Association of Computational Linguistics (TACL), 4 (2016), pp.273--286. ACL Anthology, slide
    • 佐藤
      • Sungjin Ahn, Heeyoul Choi, Tanel Pärnamaa, and Yoshua Bengio, "A Neural Knowledge Language Model", arxiv, paper, 🔒内部資料
  • 9/28 (Wed) 14:30
    • 参加者: 乾, Paul, 横井, 高橋, 佐藤, 清野, 赤間, 佐々翔 (w/代勤, 島岡)
    • 今後の方針決め


  • 7/6 (Wed) 16:20
    • Paper Reading (横井)
      • Manaal Faruqui, Ryan Mcdonald, and Radu Soricut, “Morpho-Syntactic Lexicon Generation Using Graph-Based Semi-Supervised Learning”, Transactions of the Association of Computational Linguistics (TACL), 4 (2016), 1–16. ACL Anthology, 🔒paper(annotated)
  • 6/15 (Wed) 16:40
    • Paper Reading (高橋)
      • J. Nilsson, J. Fredriksson, and E. Coelingh, “Rule-Based Highway Maneuver Intention Recognition,” in 2015 IEEE 18th International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 2015, pp. 950–955.
      • paper (original), 🔒paper (anotated)
  • 6/8 (Wed) 16:20
    • Paper Reading (横井)
      • Vladyslav Kolesnyk, Tim Rocktäschel, Sebastian Riedel. Generating Natural Language Inference Chains. arXiv (EMNLP 2016 short, under reviewing?)
  • 5/25 (Wed) 17:00 (総合研究会終了後)
    • Paper Reading (高橋)
      • Mariusz Bojarski, Davide Del Testa, Daniel Dworakowski, Bernhard Firner, Beat Flepp, Prasoon Goyal, Lawrence D. Jackel, Mathew Monfort, Urs Muller, Jiakai Zhang, Xin Zhang, Jake Zhao, Karol Zieba, “End to End Learning for Self-Driving Cars,” arXiv, 2016 paper
    • Paper Reading (小林)
      • 画像界隈に関するサーベイ雑談
  • 5/18 (Wed) 16:20
    • Paper Reading (小林)
      • Feuding Families and Former Friends; Unsupervised Learning for Dynamic, Fictional Relationships. Mohit Iyyer, Anupam Guha, Snigdha Chaturvedi, Jordan Boyd-Graber and Hal Daumé III, NAACL 2016 Best paper
      • Learning to Compose Neural Networks for Question Answering. Jacob Andreas, Marcus Rohrbach, Trevor Darrell and Dan Klein, NAACL 2016 Best paper
    • Progress Report (Paul)
      • Towards understanding Argumentation Logic via Causality 🔒内部資料
  • 5/10 (Tue) 8:50
    • Progress Report (井之上)
    • Paper Reading (横井)
      • Shindo+. Bayesian Symbol-Refined Tree Substitution Grammars for Syntactic Parsing. ACL 2012. (Best Paper Award) paper, slide, 日本語paper, 日本語slide
      • (準備)木置換文法の学習:進藤. 統計的手法による文法モデリングと構文解析. 2012. slide
      • (準備)ノンパラメトリックベイズ:持橋. Nonparametric Bayes for Non-Bayesians. 2008. slide
  • 4/20 (Wed) 16:20
    • Progress Report (Paul) 🔒内部資料
    • Progress Report (高橋)
      • Traffic Risk Prediction Based on Traffic Ontology and Explanation Generation 🔒内部資料





Progress report井之上横井Paul小林佐藤高橋
Paper reading小林佐藤高橋井之上横井Paul



Artificial Intelligence

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Logical Inference

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Discourse Theory

  • Rhetorical Structure Theory
  • Discourse Representation Theory
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Discourse Parsing

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Plan Recognition

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Knowledge Acquisition

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